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Grasshopper Toy-Mini nano Solar Powered

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Micro Technology
An interesting item to own
A trustworthy companion on a sunny day! :)

& Twigs

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Family tree researcher available for hire. England.

'Branches Twigs & Trees'

For further information:

Telephone: 0778 30 42 5469


Key Ring-USB Mini-Torch

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Another must Item for the survival bag :@)
A natty device providing good illumination when needed
Requires USB charging giving many hours of light
(A handy device for hanging off the roof the tent or cave whatever. Key-ring chain needs strengthening lost first one grrr!
Innovation is the order of the day! Super glue seems to have worked and the key chain has held since,to date.
Another SHOPmyzone good value £3 pp U.K. inc item...

Energy on the Move- backup powerpack

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This gizmo works well and provides a good source of energy backup when on the move.
Like most key-chain applications, the chain weak links have benefited from a little extra strengthening on weak links. We Used SuperGlue! (innovation the order of the day)...

Power bank 8000mAh solar charger external battery

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This item was taken straight from packaging and hung outside for 48 hours?
The weather was changeable , cloudy rainy with sleet some broken Sunshine. In this time the charging bank managed to accumulate sufficient Solar-Energy to charge a switched off iPhone 5, 10% to 75%
Charging the Power Bank from the USB connector via a Laptop Computer provided enough charge for 1 full Iphone charge plus several smaller peripherals USB flame-less Lighter, Mini Bluetooth Headphones
and with some good sunshine days on tthe offing was able to boost the charge from Solar energy, keeping my mobile connection live until a mains power source became available ( this did require switching iPhone t0 power saving mode)
This information is only intended as a general guide and has not been reproduced under rigid testing proceedures,test scrutiny is on going process.

A much loved item!
Shopmyzone facilitating Good Value!...

Electronic USB Rechargeable Battery Flameless Lighter

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An Essential item for the Survival-Kit
An all Weather Flames-Less Lighter
Good for igniting Tinder and Kindling
USB charging, provides many hours of usage before a recharge is required...